Beijing JC Energy & Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to briefly as BJCEEE ) founded in September 2003 is a joint venture of Nippon Steel Engineerin...

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  • 260t/h CDQ of Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

  • 115t/h CDQ for Zibo Hongda Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

  • 90t/h CDQ for Xinyu Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

  • 155t/h CDQ for Xinyu Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

  • 150t/h CDQ for Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

  • 190t/h CDQ for Shanxi liheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

  • 170t/h CDQ for Shandong taishan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

  • 160t/h CDQ for Shandong Haoyu Energy Co., Ltd.

  • 170t/h CDQ for Neijiang Bowei Xinyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 110t/h CDQ for Jinneg Science &Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 120t/h CDQ for JSW Steel Ltd

  • 150t/h CDQ for Ji'nan Iron & Steel (Group) Company

  • 140t/h CDQ of Qian’an Zhonghua Coal Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd

  • 140t/h CDQ for Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Co. Ltd

  • 125t/h CDQ for Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co. Ltd

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